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Project collaboration and integrated data management.

Protonet offers a simple solution for the solo or small-sized business. Our software enables efficient collaboration through:

  • Better communication
  • Flexible file sharing
  • Task management
  • Integrated infrastructure

At the same time, Protonet provides the highest level of encryption with the accessibility you’d expect from a cloud service.

  • Without requiring any IT knowledge
  • Without software installation
  • Without monthly fees

Software – Protonet SOUL

The Soul – Our software Protonet SOUL is, just like its name says, the soul of our product. It is the social operating system that brings the Protonet server to life.

  • It offers the comfort of the cloud (such as project and file management) with local data storage.
  • The software is intuitively usable and self explanatory.
  • Additionally, we have designed the use of the software as easy and comfortable as possible in combination with our high security standards.
  • Protonet SOUL is compatible with all major browsers and is as highly encrypted as online-banking for ideal security.
  • App available for Android and iOS

Get to know Protonet SOUL

Hardware – Protonet Server

The Body – Your personal server. We have invested a lot of time into our vision in order to create the perfect combination of design and hard-and-software technology. This enabled us to create Protonet.

  • Simple – with our one-button solution we enable any firm to have a modern communication platform, leading to efficient collaboration.
  • Thanks to our passive cooling system it is quiet and has a low rate of energy consumption.
  • Due to the local and resource friendly production we are extremely environmentally friendly.

Features at a glance

Store data securely

Admin-free permanent access to your data from anywhere is currently only provided by cloud services. Only dedicated servers can provide unlimited storage space. Protonet’s mini server combines basic cloud capabilities with the advantages of local hardware: Scalability, high storage capacity and control. We offer location-independent data access, a thought through social collaboration platform and all this with no necessary maintenance and installation. It’s a solution that just works the moment you connect it.

  • Up to 12 TB of storage in combination with an Intel Pentium or Intel Xeon quad-core processor
  • Access from anywhere – whether on the computer or over the phone
  • No size limit when sending files
  • Simple permission allocation scheme (per user & project)
  • Direct Preview in web browser
  • Integrated, automatic virus protection
  • Much more than a NAS server

Communicate in teams

Minimize inefficient internal e-mail usage in your company, get rid of incomprehensive instant messaging. Protonet offers excellent chat functionality, optimized for project-based collaboration. Perfect archiving, secure transmission, and an incredibly quick search feature. All these factors set a new standard in your team communication.

  • Excellent chat functionality integrated for easy communication within the team and with clients
  • Always have your data and communication within reach
  • Perfect for project-based cooperation
  • Secure, encrypted transfer of communication and data
  • Incredibly fast integrated search
  • Ideal as a small business and agency server
  • Messenger app for mobile team communication available for Android and iOS

Work with clients

For many projects, it makes sense to work directly with your customer. For this purpose it is convenient to involve third parties directly into the team and project – whether it is the customer, the external staff or the client. With Protonet, recurring e-mail traffic, confusing-full mailboxes and difficulty in sending large files become a thing of the past. The collaboration is easier and more effective. In addition, you do not have to worry about the privacy of sensitive data, because all the files and all communications remain with you on the server.

  • Easily and automatically invite customers and external staff via e-mail
  • Communicate immediately with external partners and customers
  • Direct exchange of files of any size
  • No Limit in number of users
  • No Limit in number of projects

Know where your data is

Today data must be accessible on the go in order to stay competitive. In order not to pay for this luxury with significant safety risks, we have developed Protonet. You should always have access to your documents and communication, without it also being possible by strangers. With Protonet your data is always stored locally, you keep control of it. Protonet is naturally faster than any cloud service in the local network. At the same time you reach the Protonet server from anywhere through an encrypted connection which nobody else can snoop into.

  • All data is always on site
  • Full control over all projects, users and data
  • Access the site even without an internet connection
  • It’s faster than any cloud service when in the local network – gigabit-speed-enabled
  • Secure data transmission using the latest encryption technologies and algorithms

Create a network

The creation of a network infrastructure becomes expensive or nerve-wracking if you don’t have IT expertise. Protonet provides you a closed Wi-Fi for the entire company and a separate wireless network for guests at the touch of a button. It’s just as easy to integrate the Protonet server in Mac Finder or Windows Explorer.

  • Fast & secure Wi-Fi for the whole company
  • Separate Wi-Fi for guests perfectly pre-configured for easy integration as a network drive on all popular operating systems
  • Simple file management, whether with smartphones via the Web, the Explorer / Finder
  • Your own network infrastructure on a server – no IT-skills needed
  • Built on a stable Linux foundation

No pain in the neck

Data protection, virus protection, reliability, compatibility with all major browsers and operating systems, simple operation, no hidden costs. In short: A solution that just works. No need to continue discussing about tools, and solve your basic requirements with a modern IT solution with Protonet.

  • Fulfills the basic requirements of modern businesses
  • High reliability and easy operation
  • Fast & secure Wi-Fi
  • Works with all popular web browsers and operating systems
  • No IT-skills or extra software required
  • Virus protection