Made in Hamburg with ♥

At Protonet, we follow our vision: to build the simplest server in the world. Our goal is to make it easy for companies and individuals to take control and ownership of their data. To do that, we’ve built the hardware and software to eliminate the need for cloud services and IT expertise. Our users – whether solo, small, or medium-sized businesses – simply need to press a button to start the process of data ownership and control. Simply independent.

Local partnerships

We genuinely believe in the advantages of local production. That is why we produce the majority of our hardware in Hamburg, Germany. Short delivery distances and personal relationships ensure optimum quality, as well as continual development with reduced response times. We even assemble the finished products in our office in Hamburg-Altona.


From production and packaging, to the operation of the server, we focus on sustainability. The Protonet server itself is produced with low-energy processes. We also ensure that the packaging makes use of sustainable resources, seen for example by its conversion into a shelf. And the best part: our server does not use more power than a commercial light bulb.

Great investors

No start-up can succeed without partners who believe in the vision. For our funding we looked for the best. We managed to lay the foundations of our business by accomplishing Europe’s fastest crowdfunding campaign in its time. After that we partnered with investors that are experienced industry experts in the digital economy, advertising, server industry and innovation to get onboard and jointly continue the vision.

Knowledge, culture and technology

With the MakerHub we have an institution in the same building, which helps us to transfer our knowledge to younger generations. Together we organize workshops and events aimed at local youth in order to be able to share our ideas and experiences.